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Turn buildings into virtual 3D tours that support your entire business

Fortune 500's and small businesses use Openhaus to turn physical spaces into digital 3D assets that support sales, marketing, recruiting, property management, and more.

3D content is 300% more engaging than 2D content.

Share custom 3D experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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The world's leading 3D platform

Openhaus is built on Matterport. Our features make 3D virtual tours:

Integrated w/ ecom
Live stream ready
Easy to share
Easy to manage

Brands of all sizes use Openhaus to create engaging 3D tours for their audiences.

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Check out the new Openhaus Pro — built to help MSPs leverage Openhaus for their clients.

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From home tours to hotel lobbies, Openhaus is the best way to make virtual 3D experiences.

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