Increase buyer confidence, engagement, and time on page w/ 3D content.

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Openhaus makes it easy to create, customize, and share 3D shopping experiences anywhere.

For ecommerce brands, Openhaus also makes it easy to share 3D content that contains your products.

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Openhaus for Ecommerce Brands

Add a new dimension to your content strategy and increase...

Buyer confidence

Audience engagement

Time on page

70% of consumers who visit virtual shopping experiences have made purchases.

Brands of all sizes use Openhaus to create engaging 3D tours for their audiences.


Embed in Blogs

Embed 3D tours in blog posts and any webpage or mobile app screen.

Share on Social

Use permalinks to share 3D experiences on any social media platform.

Embed on Product Pages

Display 3D tours that contain your products on your store's product pages.

Livestream Events

Livestream inside your 3D tours w/ your products and chat w/ shoppers.

Integrate w/ QRs

Integrate 3D tours w/ video content and print publications via QR codes.

Connect to Ecom Stack

Connect directly to your current ecommerce stack (Shopify, custom, etc.).

Use Any OH Content

Display any Openhaus 3D tours that contain your products—anywhere.

See Metrics

Get in-depth analytics on how your audience interacts with your spaces.

Product pages with embedded 3D experiences see page view times increase by up to 65 seconds.

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Why Openhaus?

Create 3D experiences

Plug Openhaus into your current photography pipeline. Create a 3D tour of the spaces you're already photographing for as low as $200. We'll arrange a scan and have your 3D experience ready to distribute within 72 hours.

Integrate video and livestream w/ 3D tours

Easily add videos to your 3D experiences. Host livestream events and chat with your audience as they walk around and shop in your spaces.

Make 3D tours shoppable

Tag products inside of your 3D tours and integrate your Openhaus account directly with your ecommerce stack (e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, custom).

Share 3D experiences everywhere

Easily distribute 3D tours that contain your products. Share to a home or a specific tag's location inside a home anywhere including articles, posts, webpages, mobile apps, social media, and QR codes.

Manage 3D content and everything inside

See and manage all of your 3D content in one place. Add, edit, and delete product and informational tags and get code snippets, links, and QR codes for sharing.

Customize 3D tours

Add your own branding (logo, colors, etc.) to your 3D tours. Use custom icons for tags and create various tag types like products, info, photos, videos, forms, and more.

Official Matterport™ Partner

The world's leading 3D platform

Openhaus is built on top of Matterport to make your 3D virtual tours:

Integrated w/ ecom
Video led
Easy to share
Easy to manage

3D content is 300% more engaging than 2D content.

Share custom 3D experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Are you a Matterport Service Provider?

Check out the new Openhaus Pro — built to help MSPs leverage Openhaus for their clients.

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Add 3D content and 3D shopping experiences to your brand's strategy.

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