3D content creation for designers, builders, and influencers

Create 3D virtual tours of your finished spaces.

openhaus is the easiest way to start letting your audience experience your space(s) in 3D & VR.

How openhaus works

1. Click "Add space" on your account.
2. Choose the date/time to have your space scanned.
3. An openhaus pro shows up and scans your space.
4. Your space is visible and available to you within 24 hours.
5. You share your space on social media, embed your space on your website, and on and on...

3D content is coming to your industry.

Will you be early or late?

Be an industry leader.

3D content is proven to give firms a competitive advantage over firms that only use photo and video.

300% more engaged

Viewers are shown to be 300% more engaged with 3D virtual walkthroughs than 2D images.

82% prefer 3D content

In real estate, 82% of home sellers state that they would switch to a real estate agent that offers 3D tours.

Share your work in 3D & virtual reality.

openhaus lets your clientele walk through and actually experience the spaces you've designed.

Add to your current website

After your 3D tours are live on openhaus, we'll give you the code snippet you need to embed it on your firm's current website.

Share across social media

Easily share a space or a room within a space across your social channels with direct links to openhaus.

Create a 3D archive of your work.

openhaus is your digital, 3D history of the homes you design. Keep a 3D copy of every home you ever design in one place.

Searchable & Accessible

Search your spaces by location, style, name, room type, and more and have access to your spaces anywhere and at anytime.

A worthy archive

Interior design is a labor of love, and each home has its own nuances. openhaus is the best way to capture and remember each space.

3D content creation is complicated.
openhaus is magic.

Create 3D tours of your spaces in just two clicks and leave the headache of 3D content creation to us.

Tell us when and where.

To add a new 3D walk-through, just tell us where the home is and when we should be there to scan it.

24-hour turnaround.

After your space is scanned, the 3D tour of it will be live and ready to share within 24 hours

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openhaus pricing is simple:
  • $300 to 3D scan your space
  • And yes, we'll price match anyone

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